The Rapid Growth of the Economy

Cleaning Singapore

Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world. It is ranked on number 10 by CNN. But before, singapore is struggling on air pollution because of the emerging pig farms in Singapore. But they resolved it by removing some of the pig farms. And another problem is the water pollution. There are unwanted oil in the water caused by the vessels that goes to Singapore and also some of the facilities of the factories. But now there is a plant that cleans the water in Singapore which is the NEWater Treat. And that makes the water drinkable. And no wonder that water in Singapore is very expensive. And the deforestation is another problem in Singapore because of the modernization of the country they forgot about the environment. But in 2012 Singapore made a step to resolve the problems in the environment which is called the Singapore Green Plan.Which helps the envorironment to be clean and also to educate people about the environment and how to take care of it. The government of Singapore is really succesful in making Singapore clean and now it is not just the safest but the cleanest country also. Singapore is really moving forward!