The Rapid Growth of the Economy

The Disciplined Government of Singapore

Singapore gained it's sovereignity in August 9, 1965. The type of government they have is Parliamentary. There are some companies in Singapore that are government controlled. As a result, the government of Singapore is very succesful and corruption free. You can see where your taxes go. And Singapore is one of the safest city you will ever go. The current president of Singapore is Tony Tan Keng Yam. His term started on September 1, 2011 and Singapore will have their election on August 2017. When it comes to laws, Singapore is very strict when it comes to discipline. There is a punishment or fine when you violated a law in Singapore. The country is very clean, there is no place in Singapore that is not clean. And littering is strictly prohibited in Singapore. Drugs are prohibited in Singapore and if proven death penalty is the punishment. We all know that Singapore is such a great country, it is very disciplined, clean and safe. Even the cab there is very cheap and the drivers are honest. The government of Singapore is really succesful in governing.

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