The Rapid Growth of the Economy

Industry of the Lion City

Singapore is a very modernized country, and before the modernized times, it's very own Orchard Road is a stretch of farms. But it is starting to disappear one by one. Because they rely too much on imports and somehow the effect of pollution affected the farming in Singapore. But today, agriculture is part of the growing economy of Singapore. And the major agricultural products of Singapore is Durians, Mangosteens and Vegetables. And Singapore is a major exported of flowers around the world. Although they have farms, it is not enough to supply the people of Singapore so they really have to order supplies to other countries. Meanwhile in the Industry, Singapore is the finance hub of Southeast Asia. All the international banks are there in Singapore. And there are lot of casinos in singapore. And the healthcare of Singapore is world class and many people goes to Singapore just to go to hospitals because it is very modern. And lastly Singapore is a tourism capital and people go there a lot. Singapore is a very modernized and succesful country.