The Rapid Growth of the Economy

The History of the Lion City

Singapore is a great country to visit. Many tourists have been visiting Singapore every year. But behind the great coountry, there is a good history to know about singapore. Singapore coined it's name from the word ""Singa Pura"" which means lion city. And Singapore was discovered when a Malay prince is on a hunting spree and he saw an animal that is not very familiar. And now, when you go to Singapore there is a statue of a White lion with a half fish. And after that, five kings ruled Singapore and it became the trading post for Chinese, Arab, and Portuguese vessels. And how did the modern Singapore discovered? There are british together with indian people who are looking for an expansion for their trade so they established a trading ports in Singapore. Now When you go to Singapore there are a lot of nationalities there like Indian and British. Singapore has a great history and now it is one of the succesful country.